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Final Revising

Final Checks

  • If you've worked hard at the previous steps in the research and writing process, then your final checks will go by quickly and easily. If you have skimmed on any of the previous steps, including finding enough resources, you may find yourself in need of major revision to your paper--don't let this happen to you! Usually this revelation will come when a professor or librarian takes a look at your "final" draft for the first time, and realizes there are serious structural mistakes.
  • It's important to make a final check your APA formatting. For that, please consult the APA Guide below, or contact a librarian. Small errors slip by from time to time.
  • Check your finished paper against the original assignment instructions. Have you answered all the questions and met all the requirements? If not, you may have to go back and draft up more information, or make edits to your essay that more appropriately meet the criteria your professor set.
  • Be sure you have the minimum amount of credible references, and double check any in-text citations you're unsure about.
  • Check your paper mechanics. Are your margins correct? What about line spacing? Are your references in hanging indents? This is the time to make any final adjustments to your title page, reference page, header, block quotes, and any other items that require special formatting.

APA Guide

APA Style Guide

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